Massage with Moroccan soap

Moroccan baths at Sakura Spa are more than just a bath. This extraordinary experience is renowned for purging your body and soul of the detrimental affects you encounter every day. The procedure is regarded as the most intimate and sensitive at Sakura Spa. In the modern world, the typical procedure is to first soak in a pool or sit in a steam room, followed by rinsing and exfoliating.

These are purely luxurious encounters. You begin the procedure in a private steam chamber, which is followed by a full-body scrub and Moroccan soap steam therapy.

The Moroccan bath, sometimes referred to as the “Hammam,” is a frequently used traditional ritual for purging the body and the psyche. The secret to this special procedure is its bathing method, which is a delicate, sensual bathing procedure.

By enhancing blood circulation with delicate touches, Moroccan baths and Royal Moroccan baths, also known as Hammams, aid in the release of pain and stored muscle tension.