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Ashiyatsu massage..the best experience

History of ashiatsu massage

Asiachu massage dates back to the 14th century in China and was originally used as a treatment for sports ailments and injuries. Since then, the massage technique has spread throughout the world and has been used in many cultures and medical traditions. Today, the ashyachu massage is one of the most popular massages around the world, used to improve blood flow and relieve pain, tension and stress. Massage includes various techniques such as pressure, massage, stretching and stretching, and can be beneficial for people suffering from back, neck, shoulder and buttocks pain.

Benefits of ashiatsu massage

The benefits of ashyachoo massage are many, the most important of which are:

1- Improving blood flow: Massage helps improve blood flow in the body, which helps nourish tissues and organs with the oxygen and nutrients needed to maintain their health.

2- Pain relief: Massage helps relieve pain in muscles and joints, and can be used as a treatment for chronic pain such as back and neck pain.

3- Reducing stress and stress: Massage is an effective way to reduce stress and stress, and it can be used as a way to improve mental and emotional health.

4- Improving flexibility and stretching: Massage helps improve flexibility and stretching of muscles, which helps improve movement and the ability to carry out daily activities with ease.

5- Improving the digestive cycle: Massage can help improve the digestive cycle and relieve bloating and gases in the digestive system.

6- Improving sleep: Massage can help improve sleep and get rid of insomnia, which helps improve overall health and wellness.

Steps to an ashiatsu massage

1- Preparation: You must prepare for the massage by relaxing and getting rid of any tension or anxiety that may affect the quality of the massage.

2- Lie down comfortably: You should lie on a comfortable and soft surface, and put a pillow under your head to support your neck.

3- Starting the massage: Fingers and hands can be used to massage the body in a circular and light manner, focusing on the areas that feel tension and pain.

4- Focusing on sensitive points: You can focus on sensitive points on the body, such as ears, fingers and toes, and gently massage to improve blood flow.

5- Use of essential oils: Essential oils can be used to improve the massage experience, improve aroma and relax.

6- Relaxing after the massage: You should relax after the massage for a few minutes, and drink water to moisturize the body and improve the effect of the massage.

Ingredients for an ashiatsu massage

Ashiyatsu massage usually involves the use of the fingers and hands for massage, and essential oils can be used to enhance the experience. Focus on sensitive points in the body and improve blood flow. There are no special ingredients specified for an ashiatsu massage, but any essential oils a person prefers can be used.

How to do an ashiatsu massage

1. Prepare: Make sure the person receiving the massage is comfortable and lying on a flat surface. Massage mat or mattress can be used.

2. Starting the massage: You should start massaging the neck and shoulders using the fingers and hands. Essential oils can be used to enhance the experience.

3. Improve blood flow: focus on sensitive points in the body, such as the point between the eyebrows and the point under the ear. Fingers and hands can be used to press these points.

4. Limbs massage: Limbs can be massaged using fingers and hands, such as massaging fingers, toes and feet.

5. Completion: Finish the massage by gently massaging the massaged areas, then relax for a while.

Excessive massage or strong pressure on sensitive points should be avoided. The massage should be comfortable and relaxing for the person receiving the massage.

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